A Hot rodder, A Winemaker, A BMX Legend,A Motorcyclist, A Rapper,  And a Painter walk into a bar....
Yea thats kind of how it happened. 



A Zero Talent Never Will Be who is more concerned about wishing he would have rather than the consequences of what he probably could. He drinks professionally,  But probably more than he should. Knows his demons by name  takes some shit from them as it doesn't do him much good. Has no idea how any of this happened, would love you to explain to him if you would. And Yes, He talks to much, but still strangely he misunderstood. Forever the optimist that as he fell to his death he yelled  out to each floor, "So far So Good."


Chris Wood has been huffing paint at Airtrix since the beginning. He is responsible for anything that looks professional here. He rides a motorcycle that looks like he stole it from Robocop. He enjoys riding in the dark for vast distances completely in the nude. If he calls you you better answer it or the next time he calls he will talk to you about how he always answers the phone for 10 min like your father teaching you how to take out the trash. 
His Marine background brings a sense of order to this dysfunctional group of underachievers that gives it the sense of organization. 




Enjoys medium shirts with large tags sewn into them. Good at everything, and without a doubt the worst dualigan there is. Loves the D from the Big B.


6'6 330
Wants nothing to do with this club. Calls it the FoolAgains. Is around for General Muscle and  Quick Wit. Has his Ballsack Tattooed. 
Nicest Guy you will ever meet.

Available on Tinder. 


2015-08-03 18.34.12.jpg


Have you ever wondered what happens if you take the nicest Canadian on the planet, Pour a shit ton of Booze into Him, and set him loose with some of the worst people on the planet?
He will throw his cup full of liquor in front of a cop, slap the pop tart out of your hand, see how far a 5gallon sparkles bottle can fly and puke on a kitty. 
This all took place on one walk home. 
Once it all wears off, he is aboot the nicest syrup sipper south of the great white north. 


 Wants nothing to do with this.



Puthy magnet. Fransisco can be found pushing lawnmowers and carrying the dualigan flag wherever he may go. Stoked beyond reason, and without a doubt the best Dualigan there has ever been.

Manifesto Victus: Pride in Failure

What is a Dualigan?

A Dualigan is a loser.
But not in the way you are thinking, and certainly not in the way the world describes a loser.

A loser is someone that goes out and comes in dead last. Now you might be thinking what possible pride comes with losing in such a manner. Well, you see, that Loser is better than every single person sitting in the stands. That loser, has taken the field in full knowledge that he or she lacks any semblance of talent that every other person lining up. That loser when they are sitting on the tailgate of their truck while the winners are collecting their trophies sits there with a sense of pride that they in fact took the field when every other person sat comfortably in the stands.
They have faced the fear that keeps every Monday morning quarterback that says things like “you shoulda” when they lose and “we” when they win seated. They, the human armchairs of the world stay behind that little white line out of fear. Fear that they can’t, fear that they will be hurt, fear that has consumed them to the point of no return.  They are nothing more than a critic that risks absolutely nothing, yet believes that they are in some sort of bullshit exslted position over those who take the line and then step over it.
The Loser has faced their fear, they are marred by pain, the sweet sting of the dust and have been found lacking. These Losers then step back across the line time, and time again. Who at best may win, but at worst they are ten times the person who than they were before then made the journey across the line.
These losers are our heroes.
They are glory bound each time they step further and further across this line. Because with each step they distance themselves from the crowd. They distance themselves from the those that have risked nothing. From those that are afraid, from those that have become complicit in their own fear.
Yes we are Losers.
But those that risk nothing, are something far, far worse.
They are nothing more than a spectator.
They will never know the glory of what is across that line.
They don’t know victory or defeat.
They are a cold and timid souls that are afraid.
Find out what it feels like beyond the line. 

So lose, be a loser.

Because, when some kid tells your kid that his Daddy is a loser.
You kid can respond: “Yea, well, yours didn't even try.”

Lose Gloriously. 

Welcome to the Dualigans, - You Loser.